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The call is currently closed. The selection committee is currently evaluating the incoming projects. Results will be announced in late August to early September 2024. Thank you all for your warm participation from all parts of the earth.

Death and Rebirth of the Landscape

In an era of rapid environmental and social change, landscape assumes a role of primary importance as a place of memory, identity and connection with nature. The call aims to explore the different facets of the contemporary landscape, interrogating its changing nature and multiple implications.

This new 2024 edition includes 2 parallel calls on the same theme: one dedicated, as every year, to audiovisual projects and another, exclusively dedicated to sound projects.

The call is currently closed. The selection committee is currently evaluating the incoming projects. Results will be announced in late August to early September 2024. Thank you all for your warm participation from all parts of the earth.

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The Landscape2024 Selection Committee

Caterina Tomeo

Curator, Lecturer, Art Historian

Caterina Tomeo is an art historian and combines her research activity with a critical and curatorial practice. She deals with Contemporary Art with particular interest in interdisciplinarity and research in the field of New Media Art and Sound Art. She is director of the MAD in "Multimedia Arts and Design" at RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts, where she is also Academic Council Representative, lecturer in Contemporary Art and New Media, History of Electronic and Digital Art, Digital Video. He teaches Multimedia Arts, Electronic Music and Music Festivals in the Master of "Economics and Management of Art and Culture" at the Sole 24 Ore Business School in Rome. He is lecturer in the Master of "Management of Art and Cultural Heritage" of Giunti Academy - School of Management.
Since 2021, he has been teaching in the Master's program in "Sonic Arts. Technologies and Arts of Sound" at the Tor Vergata University of Rome. She has been Art Director of the Arts & New Media section of Spring Attitude Festival. She currently collaborates as curator with international festivals dedicated to electronic music and contemporary culture. She founded the Sound Studies Forum, the first research network on sound studies in Italy, in collaboration with the University of Urbino. He is Art Director of the "Sound Box" at the Mattatoio in Rome. Recent publications include Sound Art. Listening is like seeing, Castelvecchi (2017); Sonic Arts. Tra esperienza percepettiva e ascolto attivo, Castelvecchi (2019). The new volume Electronics is a Woman. Indeed trans-feminist will be published by Castelvecchi in March 2021.

Claudia Attimonelli

Professor of Visual Studies and Digital Culture, Media and Sound Studies

Claudia Attimonelli, Professor of Visual Studies and Digital Culture, Media and Sound Studies at the University of Bari Aldo Moro, PHD in Theories of Language and Sign Science; researcher in Media Studies and Visual Culture, professor of Visual Studies and Digital Culture and Media, Visual Culture and Sound Studies at the University of Bari Aldo Moro; lecturer in Visual and Multimedia Studies at the Master in Journalism Order of Journalists at the University of Bari. Delegate to the Gender Equality Plan for ForPsiCom Uniba. Scientific manager of the Uniba Gender Archive.
She is in charge of the MEM - Mediateca Emeroteca Musicale project and coordinates Dialogues on the Big - Bari International Gender Festival; she is a visiting professor at Uerj University (Rio de Janeiro) and Université Paul-Valéry (Montpellier). Her research on techno and Afrofuturism is considered seminal in the Italian and international scene; her fields of study range from issues of gender, urban styles and musical cultures to visual culture and mediology.
Among her publications: Electronics is Women. Media, Bodies, and Transfeminist and Queer Practices (with C. Tomeo 2022); The Aesthetics of Malaise. Blackness, punk, and the skull in contemporary media landscapes (2020); A Dark Reflection. Black Mirror and the digital aurora (with V. Susca 2020, translated into 3 languages); Techno. Afrofuturist rhythms (2008-2018); Pornoculture (with V. Susca 2016, translated into 4 languages) and numerous other volumes.

Alberto Novello

Musician, Video artist, Teacher

Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN’s practice repurposes found or decontextualised analogue devices to investigate the connections between light and sound in the form of contemplative installations and performances. He repairs and modifies tools from our analogue past: oscilloscopes, early game consoles, analogue video mixers, and lasers. He is attracted to their intrinsic limitations and strong ‘personalities’: fluid beam movement, vivid colors, infinite resolution, absence of frame rate, and line aesthetics. By using these forgotten devices, he exposes the public to the aesthetic differences between the ubiquitous digital projections and the vibrance of analogue beams, engaging them to reflect on the sociopolitical impact of technology in a retrospective on technologisation: what ‘old’ means, and what value the ‘new’ really adds.

Barbara De Dominicis

Musician, Singer, Performer

Besides using her voice and analog electronics, Barbara loves collecting sounds, inventing sound textures and non-linear storytelling. In 2009 she published as a soloist Anti-Gone, a concept album inspired by the figure of Antigone. In the same year she began a collaboration with canadian cellist Julia Kent : Parallel41 a musical/visual/improvisatory project published in 2012 by the french label Baskaru. Her sound works include Whimsical Cartography -in commemoration of the earthquake in Irpinia; Re_di_Sound , a tribute to Marcel Duchamp (Call for Revolutionary Sounds) and Crossings for Radia Network (Radio Papesse).
She has also curated a series of podcasts entitled "The Cat Cinderella" with the aim of promoting the dissemination of works by women artists on the brink between net_art, sound art
and audio documentary. At the end of 2012 she started to collaborate with french visual artist Aude Francois: they conceived Self Made Worlds a performance for voice, electronics, and visual explorations [liberally adapted from ”House of Incest” by Anaïs Nin]: a dialogue between the organic body depicted in video and the sounds and voices present on the stage. Her new solo album Body Maps {out on december 16th 2022 on Folderol Records} has been inspired by Jean Luc Nancy’s Corpus. A blend of spoken word, electroacoustic textures and instruments, found sounds and voice; these tracks evolved from a series of improvised recording sessions held in Italy between 2018 and 2021. Barbara is working on a new project making use if rediscovered private memories [old photographs, letters from strangers, sounds of objects no longer in use, semi-forgotten nursery rhymes, etc] .
The list of her collaborations include: sound and visual artists Leonardo Rosado {together they realize Viseu Aural Chronicles audio-visual residency project commissioned by Festival Jardins Efemeros _Viseu_Portugal} Mark Walters; Roland Quelven; Julia Kent; Marco Messina; Mathias Van Eecloo; Marco Bonini, Elio Martusciello, Airchamber 3; Nicola Conte {Blue Note records} becoming the voice of the song "Love me 'till Sunday "soundtrack of the Ras insurance commercial starring Sean Connery; Luminance Ratio; Enrico Coniglio, Roland Quelven, Erica Scherl, Sarah Bliss. She is currently working on SURINAME {a transmedial project involving visual artist Maria Pia Picozza and musician Cristian Maddalena} and FIGURES OF ABSENCE (freely inspired by the cinematic poetics of Dore O', with Elio Martusciello and Cristian Maddalena).

Vincenzo Madaro

Artistic Director Festival Vicoli Corti

Vincenzo Madaro, a political science graduate specializing in environmental management. Raised with a passion for cinema, he is one of the founders of Il Serraglio, a nonprofit association organizing Vicoli Corti_Cinema di Periferia, now in its 14th edition, of which he is Artistic Director. He is also involved in school projects such as CinemAscuola, reviews, thematic cineforums and educational workshops for students of all levels.

Mirco Salvadori

Music journalist

He was a DJ and independent radio host, in the studios of historic northeastern broadcasters, with "Nocturnal Emission," a program co-hosted with Massimo Caner from the early 1980s until 2010.
A writer and music critic, he has been one of the longest-running signatures of the monthly music magazine ROCKERILLA since 1983.
A freelance writer for various music webzines, he writes about music and more on the blog DISERTIONS, hosted on SHERWOOD.IT.
He publishes on the literary blog NAZIONE INDIANA, in the European cultural magazine SUD with features on various literary and music publications.
He is co-owner and art-director of the independent digital music labels LAVERNA.NET and FALERNA.ORG.
In 2016, his first literary collection titled HAZKARA' was released by the non-disco publishing house 13_Silentes. He appears, with a short story written together with Francesco Forlani, in the collection "DEATHS IN VENICE" edited by Laura Liberale for Carteggi Letterari.
He participated in the multidisciplinary project ALONE by and with Gianni Maroccolo parecipating with his stories in the first four volumes published. He artecipated in Arlo Bigazzi and Chiara Cappelli's project dedicated to Majakovsky and participated with one of his stories in the volume "Quinto Paesaggio. Concerts of Ideas in Action" soon to be published.

Paolo Bragaglia

Artistic Director Acusmatiq Festival

Paolo F. Bragaglia began his activity as a musician in the 1980s as a guitarist participating in the prolific Italian and Marche new wave scene with the groups Dagon, Tzar's Re-Vox, and 3B Unit[1]. It was during this period that he began his interest in instruments such as synthesizers and drum machines, later devoting himself more and more to electronic instruments of an analog and digital nature. Since 2006 he has been in charge of the artistic direction of the electronic music festival Acusmatiq, held at the Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona and featuring artists such as Thomas Brinkmann, Chris Cutler, ZAPRUDER filmmakersgroup, Gianpaolo Antongirolami, Fennesz, Luca Miti, Francesco Fuzz Brasini, Otolab, Roberto Paci Dalò, Robert Lippok, Howie B, Mouse on Mars, Biosphere, Throbbing Gristle rib Chris & Cosey and the creation of the Temporary Museum of the Marchigian Synth within the festival.

Hernando Urrutia

Multidisciplinary Artist, Researcher, Designer, Composer, Curator and Cultural Manager, (PhD) in Digital Media-Art


Multidisciplinary Artist, Researcher, Designer, Composer, Curator and Cultural Manager, of Portuguese nationality (PhD) in Digital Media-Art. University Professor of Multimedia and Arts in UPT - Portucalense University - Porto, Portugal; Multimedia Research Coordinator at CIAUD-UPT. Collaborating Researcher at CIAC - Arts and Communication Research Centre (UAb - Lisbon / UAlg - Faro, Portugal) and CIAUD | UPT - Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (UPT – Porto, Portugal); Visiting Researcher at M-ITI - Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (UMA - Funchal, Portugal). Member of the Editorial Board of Editora DIALÉTICA (Brazil). Reviewer of Scientific Articles for ROTURA - Revista de Comunicação, Cultura e Artes of CIAC - Centro de Investigação em Artes e Comunicação da UAlg - University of the Algarve | Algarve, (Portugal). Curator in 44 artistic projects since 1996, with highlights: META-MORFO Portugal's Experimental Exhibition of Audio-visual Technology, in Brazil 2023-2024; Video Art Exhibition on the Border, Portugal and Spain Section - FERIA TRANSFRONTERIZA DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO (CROSS-BORDER CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR) Spain - Portugal 2023-2025; META-MORPHOSIS digital –2023-2024 (Spain); TRANSGRESSION art + technology 2021-2024; THE WRONG BIENNALE 2021-2024 - Spain; TRANSGRESSION art + technology PR 2, 2023-2024 - Portugal; IMAGE PLAY International Video Art Festival 2019-2024 - Portugal; EXPERIMENTA - International Video Art Exhibition, 2019-2024 - Portugal; Digital Aesthetics Laboratory, 2024 (Portugal); MUESTRA INTERNACIONAL DE VIDEONARRACIÓN A/R/TOGRÁFICA 2024 Special Programme DIGITAL TRANSPOSITION (Spain); Curator and Award Jury of the IBRIDA FESTIVAL, 2024 (Italy); Chairman of the Board of + ART CONTEMPORARY Cultural Association, 2022-2026 (Portugal); Artistic Director and Coordinator EXE - Experimental Exhibition | Audio-visual, International Festival/Exhibition Project, 2023-2025 (Portugal); Multimedia Curator at TRATUÁRIO - Gallery, 2024 (Portugal); Curator and Member of the International Scientific Committee of the Video Art Festival OVER THE REAL, 2021- Italy, Curator and Member of among many others. Artistic Director of New Media/Digital Media Arts of APCA 2023-24; President of the + Art Contemporary 2022-2026. Project Director INTER-SECTION International Digital Media Art Festival - 2024 (Portugal). He has received 313 recognitions, 4 Artist Residencies and 10 awards.

Dionisio Capuano

Music Journalist

Elio Martusciello

Musician, Composer, Lecturer

Elio Martusciello (Naples, 1959) is a self-taught Italian musician and composer of experimental music and teaches electronic music at the Naples Conservatory.
He studied photography with Mimmo Jodice and visual arts with Carlo Alfano, Armando De Stefano and Rosa Panaro. His musical aesthetic derives essentially from acousmatic art, but in addition to acousmatic music composition he composes for instruments and live electronics, works in the fields of installation art, multimedia, visual arts and electroacoustic improvisation. He currently lives in Naples.

Elisa Trento

Curator, Project Manager

Development and production consultant, project coordinator and organizer with more than ten years' experience in the audiovisual industry and cultural events. Main areas of expertise: documentaries, live performance, music, cultural events.

She is curator and project manager of SHAPE - Association that conceived and produced ROBOT - International festival of digital art and electronic music now in its 12th edition.
For the company Kiné, she produced the TV series 'Rebel Styles' by Lara Rongoni, broadcast in 2020 by Sky Arte.
In 2012 she co-founded Kinodromo, an association of audiovisual professionals in Emilia-Romagna.
For 11 years she was the national head of Doc/it - Association of Italian Documentary Filmmakers.
Currently for the company Bo Film she is overseeing the production of the short animated film 'L'Angoscia e L'Estasi' by Niccolò Manzolini and Lucia Malerba.
She is Production Director of Resilienze, a festival conceived and produced by Kilowatt.

Guido Max Calanca

Director and Editor, President of the CinemAvvenire Association

Videomaker, director, editor, cameraman, has been working for years in the film and audiovisual field making commercials, promos, corporate videos, event videos, backstage, video clips, 2d animation videos, interviews, TV shoots realizing projects with the association he chairs. He has also collaborated with Rai, Fandango and Freemantle.

Daniele Falchi

Artist, Critic and Curator

Daniele Falchi is a young artist, critic and curator who focuses his research in the field of cinema and media art. He completed his studies in RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts, where he continued to teach as a cultore of the subject. He teaches "Elements of Video Production" and "Digital Video" at the DAM Academy in Rome. Since 2019 he has collaborated with Dancity Festival organizing talks, exhibitions and meetings on contemporary culture. In 2020, he participated in the Romaeuropa Festival with the installation "THE POST-FUTURIST CAVE," as part of the Digitalive review. His latest publication, "Techno-menads. From the Classical World to the Contemporary West," is contained within "Electronics is Women. Media, Bodies, Transfeminist and Queer Practices," published by Castelvecchi Editore in 2022.

Karin Fink

Geographer and Relational Designer

Karin Fink (born in 1975, Bern, Switzerland) is a Geographer and Relational Designer, currently working as a scientific researcher and environmental policy advisor. As a relational designer she is focusing on community-driven projects. The thematic focus of her work is on sustainability transformations, food, mobility and housing systems, as well as social and technological innovations. Karin Fink contributes to several European expert networks, mainly in the field of environmental reporting and outlook studies. She also engages in various projects aiming at bridging between policy makers, innovators, activists and artists. Karin Fink has a strong interest in transdisciplinary collaboration processes and often, her projects happen at the intersection of art and natural science, the digital and the analog space.

Paco Maddalena

Musician, Filmmaker, Cinematographer

Paco Maddalena, who graduated in Art History from the D.A.M.S. (Department of Arts, Music, and Performing Arts) of Bologna in 2004, has always been involved in cinema and music. He is a filmmaker and cinematographer in the
Italian film industry, known for his films, documentaries, short films, commercials, music videos, and installations, which have been awarded and recognized at many Italian and International Festivals, including the Venice Biennale, the Rome Film Festival, the Cefalú Film Festival, and the Independent Film Festival of Latina. He has also active as a musician:
apart from being a bassist and guitarist in several post-rock bands, he is an experimental electroacoustic and generative music composer. His work is characterized by the use of field recordings, tapes, synths and eurorack modular systems. He lives between Brindisi and Rome.

Antonio Musci, Daniela Di Niso

Artistic Director "Avvistamenti Festival"

Antonio Musci and Daniela Di Niso, founders in May 2001 of the "Cineclub Canudo." A story of tenacity and passion that has allowed an experimental film festival - characterized by programming certainly not designed to tickle the tastes of the general public but to challenge its preconceptions and shake it out of its general numbness - to cross the twenty-first edition milestone this year, brilliantly renewing its commitment to promote and disseminate film culture in its complex relationship with other contemporary art forms.
In his more than ten years of experience, he has carried out activities and organized events of international importance that can be traced back to different artistic fields: from cinema to photography, theater, music, and contemporary art. The research is always directed to the discovery and enhancement of new expressive forms and artistic languages, taking up the challenge of the complexity inherent in the contemporary world.

Peppe Trotta

Music Journalist

Architect, photography enthusiast and compulsive listener. Starting in 2014 I write for the webzine Triste© - Indie Sunset In Rome. The following year I open my personal blog SoWhat, mainly dedicated to research and experimental productions. In 2020 I begin my adventure with "Ondarock", later becoming editor and head of the "altrisuoni" section. The following year I start collaborating with "The New Noise".

Giovanni Sabattini

Artistic Director Ribalta Experimental Film Festival

Giovanni Sabattini, who graduated in Philosophical Sciences from Bologna in 2023 with a thesis on Don Quixote in Bergson's philosophy, has been involved in research cinema and has been artistic director of the Ribalta Experimental Film Festival since 2020. He collaborates externally with Progetto Bridge studio in Carpi and, as a volunteer, in organizing the program of the Nonantola Film Festival and Kinò Campus

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