What are Zeugma’s Goals?

  • Promoting and Disseminating the Culture of Sound
  • Create a network of interlocutors/collaborators
  • Organise ad hoc events such as live performances, workshops, installations, etc.

How do I join Zeugma?

  • If you are a Musician and would like to collaborate actively, subscribe to our manifesto and make your proposal.
  • If you are a Curator and would like to collaborate by realising a project, please subscribe to our manifesto and make your proposal.
  • If you are an Event Organiser, manage or collaborate in the management of a venue and would like to collaborate actively as a partner, subscribe to our manifesto and enter the Zeugma venue circuit
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Zeugma was born from the urgency to valorise sound artists (and their collaborators) who continuously work in the field of research music and unconventional sounds, moving in the territories of electroacoustic music, ambient, drone, harsh-noise, post-industrial, modern classical, minimal and their contaminations.

Zeugma places the dissemination of other sounds at the centre of its action, aimed at effectively and sustainably relaunching a virtuous circuit that, in conjunction with its own dissemination, hopes for the birth of new experiences capable of welcoming live proposals that place the sounds it proposes to disseminate at the centre, making the national context as competitive as its many European counterparts.

Zeugma also aims to bring unconventional music, mainly of electroacoustic origin, closer to listeners through a series of targeted activities aimed at dissemination such as publications, live performances, installations, meetings, conferences and workshops.

Zeugma, therefore, proposes to act mainly on two fronts: the performance aspect and the dissemination/educational aspect; in doing so, it intends to avail itself of the collaboration of private and public partners with the intention of creating a virtuous map of actors located throughout the country who have the same cultural promotion objectives at heart.

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