1 e//missions – Laser Projections on Barman Waterfall Alberto Novello 815
2 The Stream XI-XII Hiroya Sakurai 793
3 Lightbending Rossella Calella 769
4 Memories of fragile life forms in the age of synthetic landscapes Pier Giorgio De Pinto Giovanni Dal Monte 768
5 Lo Scoppio Nicola Cappelletti Romina Bracchi 758
6 The Still Sound Camilla Ferrari 708
7 Echi di tempo Alfredo Cerrito Sara Fusco 680
8 Audio-reactive Landscapes vol. 1 Venezia (home) Samuel Hernandez De Luca, Davide Capoccia 675
9 My father was Mavrokampos Alexandros Hadjitimotheou. Efstratios Alvanos 665
10 MIND MINES Yossi Galanti 641

Audio Special Mention

Lightbending Rossella Calella 418

Video Special Mention


Memories of fragile life forms in the age of synthetic landscapes

Pier Giorgio De Pinto Giovanni Dal Monte


Ratings assigned by Rufa students - Rome University of Fine Arts

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts    
e//missions – Laser Projections on Barman Waterfall Alberto Novello 100
RUFA – Audio Special Mention    

D.C.M.P. Dancefloor Cleaning Maintenance Program

UENO collective

RUFA – Video Special Mention    
e//missions – Laser Projections on Barman Waterfall Alberto Novello 100

The Landscape2023 Selection Committee

Caterina Tomeo

Curator, Lecturer, Art Historian

Caterina Tomeo is an art historian and alongside her research activity a critical and curatorial practice. She deals with Contemporary Art with particular interest in interdisciplinarity and research in the field of New Media Art and Sound Art. She is director of MAD in "Multimedia Arts and Design" at RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts, where she is also Representative of the Academic Council, professor of Contemporary Art and New Media, History of Electronic and Digital Art, Digital Video. You teach Multimedia Arts, Electronic Music and Music Festivals in the Master in "Economics and Management of Art and Culture" at the Sole 24 Ore Business School in Rome. She is a lecturer in the Master in "Management of Art and Cultural Heritage" of Giunti Academy-School of Management. Since 2021 she has been teaching in the Master in “Sonic Arts. Sound Technologies and Arts "of the Tor Vergata University of Rome. She was Art Director of the Arts & New Media section of Spring Attitude Festival. You currently collaborate as curator with international festivals dedicated to electronic music and contemporary culture. You founded the Sound Studies Forum, the first research network on sound studies in Italy, in collaboration with the University of Urbino. You are the Art Director of the “Sound Box” at the Mattatoio in Rome. Among the most recent publications are: Sound Art. Listening is like seeing, Castelvecchi (2017); Sonic Arts. Between perceptive experience and active listening, Castelvecchi (2019). The new volume Electronics is woman. Indeed trans-feminist will be published by Castelvecchi in March 2021.

Claudia Attimonelli

Professor of Visual Studies and Digital Culture and of Media

Claudia Attimonelli, PHD in Theories of Language and Sign Science; researcher in Media Studies and Visual Culture, professor of Visual Studies and Digital Culture and of Media, Visual Culture and Sound Studies at the University of Bari Aldo Moro; lecturer in Visual and Multimedia Studies at the Master's Degree in Journalism Order of Journalists at the University of Bari. Delegate to the Gender Equality Plan for ForPsiCom Uniba. Scientific manager of the Uniba Gender Archive.

Elisa Trento

Curator, Project Manager

She is a development and production ponsultant, project coordinator and organizer with more than ten years of experience in the audiovisual industry and cultural events. Main areas of expertise: documentaries, live performances, music, cultural events.
E' curatrice e project manager di SHAPE – Associazione che ha ideato e produce ROBOT - Festival internazionale di arte digitale e musica elettronica giunto quest’anno alla sua dodicesima edizione.
Per la società Kiné ha prodotto la serie tv ‘Stili Ribelli’ di Lara Rongoni, trasmessa nel 2020 da Sky Arte.
Nel 2012 ha co-fondato Kinodromo, Associazione di professionisti dell'audiovisivo dell’Emilia-Romagna.
Per 11 anni è stata responsabile nazionale di Doc/it - Associazione Documentaristi Italiani.
Attualmente per la società Bo Film sta seguendo la produzione del corto di animazione ‘L’Angoscia e L’Estasi’ di Niccolò Manzolini e Lucia Malerba.
E’ Direttrice di Produzione di Resilienze, festival ideato e prodotto da Kilowatt.

Karin Fink

Geographer and Relational Designer

Karin Fink (born in 1975, Bern, Switzerland) is a Geographer and Relational Designer, currently working as a scientific researcher and environmental policy advisor. As a relational designer she is focusing on community-driven projects. The thematic focus of her work is on sustainability transformations, food, mobility and housing systems, as well as social and technological innovations. Karin Fink contributes to several European expert networks, mainly in the field of environmental reporting and outlook studies. She also engages in various projects aiming at bridging between policy makers, innovators, activists and artists. Karin Fink has a strong interest in transdisciplinary collaboration processes and often, her projects happen at the intersection of art and natural science, the digital and the analog space.

Vincenzo Madaro

Artistic Director Vicoli Corti Film Festival

He grew up with a passion for cinema, he is one of the founders of "Il Serraglio", a non-profit association that organizes "Vicoli Corti Cinema di Periferia", now in its 14th edition, of which he is Artistic Director. He also deals with school projects such as CinemAscuola, reviews, thematic cineforums and educational workshops for students of all levels.

Paolo Bragaglia

Acusmatiq Festival Artistic Director

Paolo F. Bragaglia began his activity as a musician in the 80s as a guitarist participating in the prolific Italian and Marche new wave scene with the Dagon groups, Tzar's Re-Vox, 3B Unit. It was in this period that he began his interest in instruments such as synthesizers and drum machines, later devoting himself more and more to electronic instruments of an analog and digital nature. Since 2006 he has been in charge of the artistic direction of the Acusmatiq electronic music festival held at the Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona and which saw the participation of artists such as Thomas Brinkmann, Chris Cutler, ZAPRUDER filmmakersgroup, Gianpaolo Antongirolami, Fennesz, Luca Miti, Francesco Fuzz Brasini, Otolab, Roberto Paci Dalò, Robert Lippok, Howie B, Mouse on Mars, Biosphere, Chris & Cosey, rib of Throbbing Gristle and the realization of the Temporary Museum of the Marchigiano Synth within the festival.

Alfonso Amendola

Professor of Sociology of classical and digital media

Alfonso Amendola is Researcher in Sociology of cultural and communicative processes at the University of Salerno where he teaches Sociology of experimental audiovisuals; Sociology of the electronic arts; Sociology of the multimedia show; Theories and techniques of digital media.

Elio Martusciello

Musician, Composer, Teacher

Elio Martusciello (born 23 November 1959, Naples, Italy) is an Italian experimental music composer and performer, principally on guitar and computer. He has studied photography with Mimmo Jodice and visual art with Carlo Alfano, Armando De Stefano and Rosa Panaro. He is a self-taught musician/composer and teaches "electronic music" at Conservatory of Music, Napoli, Italy. His compositional aesthetics are derived from acousmatic issues, but in addition to acousmatic composition he composes for instruments and live electronics, sound installation, multi-media works, audiovisual art and computer music improvisation. He lives in Napoli, Italy.

Guido Max Calanca

Director and Editor, President of the CinemAvvenire Association

Videomaker, director, editor, operator, has been working for years in the film and audiovisual field making commercials, promos, corporate videos, event videos, backstage, video clips, videos in 2d animation, interviews, services for TV realizing projects with the association he chairs. He has also collaborated with Rai, Fandango and Freemantle.

Hernando Urrutia

Multidisciplinary Artist, Designer, Curator, Composer, Researcher and Professor of Multimedia and Digital Video Arts / Technologies - “Portucalense” University of Porto

Multidisciplinary Artist, Researcher, Designer, Composer, Curator and Cultural Manager, of Portuguese nationality (PhD) in Digital Media-Art. University Professor of Multimedia and Arts in Applied Informatics and Digital Video Technologies UPT - Porto, Portugal; Collaborating Researcher at CIAC - Arts and Communication Research Centre (UAb - Lisbon / UAlg - Faro, Portugal); Visiting Researcher at M-ITI - Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (UMA - Funchal, Portugal).
Curator in 34 artistic projects since 1996, with highlights: META-MORFO Portugal's Experimental Exhibition of Audio-visual Technology, in Brazil 2023; Video Art Exhibition on the Border, Portugal Section - FERIA TRANSFRONTERIZA DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO (Spain - Portugal) 2023-2024-2025; TRANSGRESSION art + technology of the 5th International Edition of THE WRONG BIENNALE 2021-2022 - Spain; TRANSGRESSION art + technology PRO2, 2023-2024 - Portugal; IMAGE PLAY International Video Art Festival 2019-2020-2021-2022-2023 - Portugal; EXPERIMENTA - International Video Art Exhibition, 2019-2020-2022 - Portugal; Curator and Member of the International Scientific Committee of the Video Art Festival OVER THE REAL, 2021- Italy, among many others.
Artistic Director of New Media/Digital Media Arts of APCA 2023-24; President of the + Art Contemporary AC. He has received 260 recognitions and 8 awards.

Daniele Falchi

artist, critic, curator

Daniele Falchi is a young artist, critic and curator who focuses his research in the field of cinema and media art. He completed his studies in RUFA - Rome University of Fine Arts, where he continued to teach as a cultore of the subject. He teaches "Elements of Video Production" and "Digital Video" at the DAM Academy in Rome. Since 2019 he has collaborated with Dancity Festival organizing talks, exhibitions and meetings on contemporary culture. In 2020, he participated in the Romaeuropa Festival with the installation "THE POST-FUTURIST CAVE," as part of the Digitalive review. His latest publication, "Techno-menads. From the Classical World to the Contemporary West," is contained within "Electronics is Women. Media, Bodies, Transfeminist and Queer Practices," published by Castelvecchi Editore in 2022.

Mirco Salvadori

Music critic

He was an independent DJ and radio host in the studios of historical broadcasters in north-eastern Italy, with "Nocturnal Emission", a broadcast conducted together with Massimo Caner from the beginning of the 1980s to 2010.
Writer and music critic, since 1983 he has been one of the longest-lived names of the monthly music magazine ROCKERILLA.
Freelance writer for various music webzines, he writes about music and not only on the blog DISERZIONI, hosted on SHERWOOD.IT.
He publishes on the literary blog NAZIONE INDIANA, on the European cultural magazine SOUTH with interventions on various literary and musical publications.
He is co-owner and art-director of the independent digital music labels LAVERNA.NET and FALERNA.ORG.
In 2016 he released his first literary collection entitled HAZKARA 'for the publishing house not only 13_Silentes. He appears, with a story written together with Francesco Forlani, in the collection "DEATHS IN VENICE" edited by Laura Liberale for Literary Correspondence.
He participated in the multidisciplinary project ALONE by and with Gianni Maroccolo, participating with his stories about him in the first four published volumes. He participated in the project by Arlo Bigazzi and Chiara Cappelli dedicated to Mayakovskij and participated with a story of him in the forthcoming volume "Fifth Landscape. Concerts of ideas in action".

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